Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Convergence

Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Convergence is a wide, multipolar thematic field. Its primary goal is to investigate synergies and complementarities between two apparently opposed fields: nuclear energy and renewable energy. Exploiting these synergies and complementarities will contribute to the triple objective of KIC InnoEnergy: decreasing energy costs, increasing the operational reliability of the future energy system, and reducing GHG emissions.

Synergies are found for example in the application of general-purpose technologies such as KETs (Key Enabling Technologies). They also lie in transversal issues of the future energy mix, such as the seamless integration of renewables in a centralized production mix through energy storage and energy efficiency.

Among the wide range of “convergence” topics, the strategy of this thematic field is to focus on those with the greatest impact:

  1. Advanced materials and processes for the European energy challenges
  2. Energy storage for the integration of renewable energy production
  3. Energy efficiency in Industry
  4. Instrumentation, measurement and control systems  for nuclear power

In the medium term the goal is to build a balanced and robust innovation project portfolio that complies with the general objectives of KIC InnoEnergy. Longer term, the projects are expected to lead to technology transfers that will create new businesses for KIC InnoEnergy partners. It is expected that they will also lead to the creation of new ventures through the Business Creation activity and the integration of students from KIC InnoEnergy’s Educational Programs.