Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Three different size buildings, a part of a city40% of the world’s energy is consumed in the built environment and 40% of its materials are also used in the built environment. As a consequence, making buildings and cities smart and energy efficient is key to sustainable development.

The ultimate goal of the ‘Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities’ area is the creation of energy neutral cities with minimal CO2 emissions. In smart cities, people are actors in an urban context where environmental sustainability plays a central role.

KIC InnoEnergy’s objectives are directed towards the development of smart energy efficient buildings in order to create a greener environment, cleaner air and reduced energy consumption, without compromising on comfort.

This thematic field focuses on the following ideas:

  • Modern technology means that the age of energy positive buildings for both domestic and office use is at hand. Thermal storage technology can be optimised to make this happen.
  • Aside from the technological challenges, society and lifestyles must also change, and energy saving attitudes must be adopted.
  • The development of smart and sustainable transport systems is essential to making such attitudes possible.
  • Electricity will be the sustainable energy carrier for the society of the future. The development of smart grids at distribution level is therefore crucial to making energy efficient cities a reality.

Ventures from this Field

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