Energy from Chemical Fuels

The thematic field ‘Energy from Chemical Fuels’ is mainly focused on the production, transportation, storage and utilisation of chemical energy carriers. These are derived by converting and upgrading processes from fossil resources, such as coal, fuel oil or natural gas, and biogenic energy resources, such as wood, straw or algae.

Chemical energy carriers may also be produced from electro-chemical conversion processes using surplus energy from renewable energy sources (RES). These projects will deliver new processes and technologies, such as:

  • Upgrading and standardising fuels from different feedstock (crude oil, natural gas, coal, biomass, waste)
  • Developing methods to use these fuels (combustion systems, power plants)
  • Combustion and co-combustion of such fuels in existing power plants
  • Conversion of such fuels to high value chemical energy carriers (e.g. syngas / producer gas) to be converted to final energy in highly efficient energy conversion systems
  • Feeding such chemical energy carriers into existing distribution and storage chains
  • Implementation of instruments and methods to control fuel conversion processes in order to minimise emissions and maximise energy efficiency

There is an additional focus on the development of new technologies and processes to bridge the intermittent availability of renewables. This can include:

  • Implementation of fuel conversion systems with high fuel and load flexibility to compensate for the fluctuations in energy supply from RES (solar, wind)
  • Decentralised use of such installations to help load-balancing in the distribution grid
  • Conversion of biomass-based (in replacement of fossil fuel-based) feedstock into chemicals
  • Energy carriers, to be used either as temporary energy storage or as input material for the chemical industry (syngas, hydrogen, methane, etc.)

These technologies contribute to the low carbon strategy of the EU by reducing CO2 at competitive costs and supporting the integration of transient renewable energy sources into a stable energy supply system.


Ventures from this Field

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