Clean Coal and Gas Technologies

This thematic field focuses on the area of Clean Coal and Gas Technologies, as well as the New Paradigm for Carbon management. Due to the growing worldwide demand for electricity, both the technological development of heat and electric energy production and the chemicals and liquid fuels derived from coal appear to be unavoidable.

Coal is currently the only global energy source that appears to satisfy these needs in a relatively stable long-term way.

The rate of new energy technology development depends on several factors. The most important of these, aside from the growing demand for energy, is the rapidly growing environmental requirement to reduce emissions of NOx, SOx and particulate matter, as well as CO2 emissions.

The priorities of Clean Coal and Gas Technologies have been defined in the five sectors where their impact is the most important in terms of lowering energy costs, market volume, lowering CO2 emissions, and network integration in the period 2013-2020:

  • Development of advanced energy and syngas production technologies enabling optimised use of available fossil fuel resources, biomass, waste, and unconventional gases.
  • Enabling coal power plants to adapt to the time specific technology options with regards to efficiency, CO2 capture potential and operational effectiveness.
  • Development of a widely accepted and economically justified strategy for CCS and distributed energy production based on fossil fuels and waste.
  • Preservation of a secure clean energy supply for Europe through the delivery of prospective extensions of natural resources, such as unconventional gas, with a special emphasis placed on shale gas.
  • Increasing operational efficiency and safety, both in power production and industrial processes.


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