Thematic Fields

Below you will find a description of all the thematic fields we work with in KIC InnoEnergy, including an explanation of the needs in each sector, as well as their main focus and priorities for the next years.

Clean Coal Technologies

Due to the growing worldwide demand for electricity, this area focuses on both the technological development of heat and electric energy production and the chemicals and liquid fuels derived from coal.

Energy Storage

Our Energy Storage Thematic Field, focuses on technology and its ability to help meet the “20-20-20” energy targets by providing innovative products and services. Students and business will learn that electricity storage needs  be an essential component in a smart energy system.

Energy Efficiency

Economically, energy efficiency is the most effective way of reducing carbon emissions, improving energy security and making energy consumption more affordable for consumers. These challenges apply to all sectors of the economy and impact the entire energy landscape.

Energy from Chemical Fuels

Our thematic field ‘Energy from Chemical Fuels’ is mainly focused on the production, transportation, storage and utilisation of chemical energy carriers. This energy is derived from such resources as fossil resources, such as coal, fuel oil or natural gas, and biogenic energy resources, such as wood, straw or algae.

Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies focus on the use of wind, hydro, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal electricity energy generation technologies. This area of study revolves around products, companies and educational programmes that generate substantial improvements in renewable energy production.

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Did you know that 40% of the world’s energy is consumed in the built environment and 40% of energy materials are also used in urbanised areas. This means that, making buildings and cities smart and energy efficient is key to sustainable development.

Smart Electric Grid

The Smart Grids technology area will play a vital role in meeting the global energy “20-20-20” targets through innovative products and services. Smart cities and energy efficiency are vital components in a smart energy system and smart grids will enable the development of energy technology of the future.

Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Convergence

The main principle behind Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Energy Convergence is to investigate synergies and complementarities between two apparently opposed fields: nuclear energy and renewable energy. Exploiting these synergies contribute to the objectives of KIC InnoEnergy.