Innovation Project Offer

Your Situation:

  • You have excellent ideas for innovation with a high potential for commercialisation
  • You have a prototype (readiness level >= 5) with a successful proof of concept
  • You want to ensure a successful market entry and limit your risk to fail
  • You are looking for opportunities to enter the European energy markets

Your Needs:

  • Partners to increase a successful commercialisation
  • Financing to finalise your prototype for commercialisation
  • IP protection for your ideas
  • Get the first customers for your innovation
  • Marketing and sales knowledge for commercialisation
  • Platform for knowledge exchange

We Offer:

  • Transformation of innovations into products or services for the market
  • Support of your Innovation Projects by monitoring, reviews, investment
  • Secure environment for your innovation (IP protection)
  • Offering of a pan-European partner network
  • Risk sharing: KIC IE only gets a return on investment if your market entry is successful

Why Choose KIC InnoEnergy?

  • KIC InnoEnergy is a reliable partner with a strong interest in the commercial success of your business. We offer support in technological and commercial topics
  • KIC InnoEnergy works as a catalyst to promote your project for further funding
  • KIC InnoEnergy collaborates with top companies and research institutes in the field of energy

Who are we looking for?

  • Researchers and innovators – we are looking for new innovative prototypes with a successful proof of concept
  • Entrepreneurial people – we are looking for business people who created their own business or manage a small company
  • Industry partners– we are looking for industry partners with specific knowledge and market access in sustainable energy

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