Extended Gasifier Technologies

Extended Gasifier Technologies (XGaTe)

Extended Gasifier Technologies (XGaTe)

The need

Gasification is one of the most efficient processes for the energetic use of biomass, particularly with regard to biowaste. However, the gasification process requires dry biomass. Wet biomass is converted in the hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) process into solid fuel, so called biocoal, which then can also be gasified. Solutions for the coupling of both processes will be developed.

The solution

The Extended Gasifier Technologies (xGaTe) project aims at the optimization of gasifiers for all kinds of fuels. The new HTC technology will be tailored to the requirements of gasification. Market potential for the improved energetic use of wet biomass and biowaste through combination of HTC with gasification will be assessed and technically realized.

Overall Status: 

Ongoing project (duration: 2012 – 2015)

Project Coordination and Management:

Hans Hubschneider (project manager)
Tel.: +49 721 9613668

Project Consortium:

European Institute for Energy Research
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology 
University of Stuttgart

Project Products:

1. Combined HTC/gasifier plant generating power and heat out of wet waste biomass
2. Gasification plant based on HTAG technology using diverse dry biomass feedstock