BIPV Insight

The need

The following customer needs have been detected:

  • Need of specific design tool for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) products: simulation tools currently available do not focus on BIPV, and do not take into account the building related aspects of the PV installation design process. AW-BIPV will be the only tool in the market offering this integrated approach
  • Need of a library of standardised BIPV products: designers may not be PV experts and need access to a wide range of pre-designed BIPV products with known properties.  The other way around, this is a powerful marketing strategy for PV manufacturers
  • Compliance of BIPV products with legal requirements: a major concern for designers is the compliance of the project with legal requirements when innovative products are introduced. The programme will check the commitment of the project with energy related legislation and generate the corresponding documents at national level
  • Establishing bridges between architects – engineers – PV manufacturers:  BIPV projects often lack proper collaboration between the different parties involved. AW-BIPV is designed to facilitate this interaction

The solution

The BIPV-Insight projects is developing an accurate, user-friendly, integrated software tool for performance prediction of BIPV and BAPV (building-adapted PV) products.  Customers will be able to know, with an adequate degree of accuracy, which is the real performance of any particular BIPV system installed in a building, and its impact on the energy performance of the building itself.

 Overall Status:

  • WP0 assessment in progress

Project Coordination and Management:

Eduardo Román

Project Consortium:

Product: BIPV-Insight

BIPV-Insight is an accurate, user-friendly, integrated software tool for performance prediction of BIPV (Building-Integrated Photovoltaics and BAPV (Building-Adapted Photovoltaics) products.  Performance of BIPV elements as construction products is addressed.  Checked against real buildings monitoring.  To be integrated as an additional module for ArchiWIZARD® software, already in the market by the hand of Enerbim.