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KIC InnoEnergy provides support for finalising and commercialising technological innovations that lead to new products and services.

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We can help you realise your innovation potential!

Do you have a business idea linked to Sustainable Energy that you want to commercialise within the next three to five years but still need complementing support?

In KIC InnoEnergy you will find the environment to finalise your product or service idea and to successfully launch it on the market. We invest in the final development of products and services of which at least the technical feasibility has already been proven, e.g. as a prototype on lab scale (Technology Readiness Level 5). The implementation is done with at least two further European partners including the future partner for commercialisation.

Your product or service needs to be in the area of sustainable energy and preferably connected to one of the following thematic fields:


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If you have a business idea related to sustainable energy that you want to launch within the next three to five years, then KIC InnoEnergy can help. We provide support and an appropriate environment for you to finalise your product or service and to successfully launch it on the market.

SolabCool: How cool is waste heat?

What if you could use waste or ecologically produced heat to power highly efficient cooling systems? In September 2013 one of the first KIC InnoEnergy innovation projects, Storage, launched SolabCool, a new business venture that brings to the market exactly that. Henk De Beijer, inventor and entrepreneur in the energy market, spotted a hole in the market in the Netherlands, where 500,000 homes are connected to a heat grid. The grid is highly efficient in the winter, but in the summer it can be hard to find customers with a need for the produced heat.

CorPower Ocean: Redefining Wave Power

CorPower Ocean AB was founded in 2009 by Dr. Stig Lundbäck, after he had spent about 30 years of his life imagining and designing various kinds of high efficiency pumping systems. Contrary to what might be expected, Dr. Lundbäck is not an engineer, but a medical doctor with a deep passion for the pumping principles of the human heart. Few could have imagined that such a profound interest for the way the human heart works would have brought him to envision what today represents CorPower’s core technology.