Programme Outline

MSc ENTECH’s scope is energy technologies in a broad sense. Special emphasis is put on innovation and management processes; you learn the basics of product development and how innovations can be realised in companies (Innovation & Entrepreneurship). Topics dealt with in project work and later on, particularly in the master thesis, are primarily industrial issues of practical relevance, or part of a larger research project carried out together with an industrial partner. Your studies also cover economic as well as legal and ecological aspects of different energy technologies and their implementation. A complementary training programme, the Open Space Studio running throughout your two years of study, provides a learning process to master personal and social skills.

Year 1

As students come from different backgrounds, the initial training (Basic Courses) will bring you all to a common level of energy engineering knowledge. This requires a modular class structure and a ‘Learning Agreement’ developed on an individual student basis.

Year 2

Subsequently, and based on the respective basic courses, several specialisations (Main Subjects) are offered. Topics, which differ between the collaborating universities, cover fields like electrical energy systems, transport and storage of energy, energy conversion, energy economics and energy system analysis. You select two main subjects to pursue in depth.

Open Space Studio

The Open Space Studio is a two-year journey integrated into MSc ENTECH. It is designed to prepare students for facing up to European challenges in sustainable energy and developing solutions that meet them. The Open Space Studio has three main focus areas:

  • personal development: knowing yourself, your strengths, your talent, your passion, your drivers in life
  • development of social skills, community and team building: creating a sense of trust and belonging
  • co-creation: bringing together the three pillars of business creation, innovation and education to create new solutions for real business challenges

During the two years of MSc ENTECH, you experience two winter ateliers in which both year 1 and year 2 students participate. In addition, a summer atelier is held after the first study year. The programme also features a two-day training session focussing on personal skills. MSc ENTECH students are thus well prepared to become game changers in sustainable energy.   MSc_ENTECH_Mobility_Map InnoEnergy Mobility Concept Our strong mobility concept means that you spend your first year at one university, your second year at another.

Added value activities

Grenoble Ecole de Management Webinar Webinar with focus on ‘Social science perspectives on energy innovation in industry’ – online course for all ENTECH students in all locations, credits awarded. Speeddating Speeddating event between students and industry/start-ups/projects for recruitment into master theses, internships and/or subsequent employment.