MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy

MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy BAN

This programme focuses on the unique subject ‘Fossil and new-generation fuels’ combined with entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking. Strong emphasis is placed on how to integrate chemical fuels with renewables to create high-efficiency sustainable power systems. Energy companies actively support this programme with internships, study visits and guest lectures from business specialists. This unique blend, together with the international environment, will help you throughout your professional career.

MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy primarily focuses on technologies that lead to the efficient thermal and chemical conversion of coal, with reduced pollutant emissions to air, water and land at all levels and stages of the operation, as well as the application of biomass or unconventional hydrocarbons, e.g. shale gas.

As a student, you will notice the active support of energy companies via programme content such as mandatory internships, guest lectures, study visits to modern energy installations and soft-skills training together with industry experts.

At the end of the programme you will have acquired a systematic, in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of all stages of power systems operation and implementation from technical, economical and judicial points of view.

Target Group

Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy Master Programme is aimed at outstanding engineering students interested in the fossil-based power industry and chemical fuels and/or renewable resources fields, as well as those wishing to develop their skills in innovation and entrepreneurship in this fascinating field of science.

Programme Outline

The content of MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy has been carefully chosen to meet both scientific and practical objectives. The programme offers an advanced education in all engineering aspects of clean fossil and alternative fuels as well as the opportunity for collaboration with our industry partners.

Courses and Syllabus

Find out more about the course structure of our MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels  programme. Here, you can see an example of how your courses could look. These pages also provide information on mandatory modules and minimum credit points needed to proceed with the programme.

Thesis Project and Degree

The final unit of our MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy degree will be a written thesis with a strong focus on innovative solutions relevant to your topic of study. After successfully completing our programme, you will receive a double degree.

Competencies and Career

This programme gives you an extensive understanding of the principles and practices of the operational stages of clean fossil and new-generation fuels. You will also learn about the latest renewable technologies and how they work alongside other energy sources like coal and biomass.

How to Apply for our Programmes

Join us in shaping the future of global energy. Find out how to apply for our unique programmes and kick start your career on to the path of entrepreneurship and engineering. Our application process is competitive and we only select the very best, most talented students to join our Master Programmes. Do you think you have what it takes? Apply now.